Where is Tipton County District 4?

Tipton County is a 473 square mile suburban/rural county in southwest Tennessee with a population of 60,970 as of the 2020 Census.  It is considered inside the Memphis Metro area and the southern half of the county contains a significant number of individuals who commute to Memphis for work. 

District 4 represents the “heart” of Atoka and includes the majority of the population of the Town of Atoka.  District 4 is the smallest district by land area in Tipton County, but represents the most people at 7,363 individuals. 

Subdivisions include: 

  • Blaydes Estates
  • Deer Ridge
  • Lochemeade
  • Maple Woods Villiage
  • Oak Creek
  • Sterling Ridge
  • Squires Grove
  • Templeton Farms
  • Walker Lake
  • Williamsburg Estates

For a map of Tipton County’s District 4, please see the map to the right.

Map courtesy of the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury