Why become a constable?

Since I was a child, I have always looked up to our first responders.  They are the closest we get to real life heroes.  When bad things happen, they are the ones running towards the problem instead of away from it.  I was truly a kid that wanted to be a police officer when I grew up.  But like most children, life happened and I realized that being a law enforcement officer sadly doesn’t pay the bills, so I turned to another one of my passions, information technology. 

Over the past six years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several law enforcement agencies in Tipton County by assisting with their information technology needs.  I have come to know our heroes personally, just to find out that many of them are just ordinary people who have a passion for helping people.  Working closely with these agencies helped rekindle the fire that I had when I was a child.

The constable position is ideal for me as someone who is a working professional who cannot devote 100% of their time to being a first responder.  It allows me to not be a financial burden to an agency by having to provide me with training, equipment, vehicles, and allows me the flexibility to work my primary job when I need to.

Law enforcement deals with such a range of emotions from individuals they engage with.  Some people may be experiencing the worst day of their life when you meet them.  Others may be the victim of someone else’s or their own poor choices.  The important thing to remember is that no matter who you’re dealing with at that point in their life, they may need your help.

At the end of the day, all I want to do is say that I protected and served the citizens of Atoka, Tipton County, and Tennessee to the best of my ability.